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Be Recognized as One of the Top 100 A&D Graduates in North America

Metropolis wants to help students work in this profession. The Future100 is the connector of top talent with leading design firms. 

The Future100 program is back and open for submissions! Launched in 2021 by Metropolis, Future100 recognizes the top 100 graduating students from architecture and interior design programs in the United States and Canada and connects them with A&D firms across North America. This program is sponsored by Architecture and Design firms interested in recruiting a talented, diverse pool of candidates.

  • The most talented students from the class of 2024 apply, with nominations by instructors, professional organizations, and others.
  • Application materials include testimonials from nominators, academic record, and portfolio.


How it Works:

  • Student nominations will be reviewed by a group of experts led by Metropolis editor-in-chief Avinash Rajagopal.
  • The details of selected Future100 students will be shared with recruiters from A&D firms from across the country.
  • The students will be featured in the spring 2024 print issue of Metropolis alongside recognition of their programs, nominators, and schools.
  • Future100 students, nominators, and schools will also be featured online in the spring of 2024.


Students Who Should Apply/Seek Nomination are:

  • Enrolled at public or private universities and colleges in the United States and Canada.
  • Enrolled in accredited architecture and interior design programs.
  • Enrolled in final studio courses (i.e. graduating in 2024) at undergraduate and graduate levels.
  • Working on studio-based or research-based projects.
  • In good academic standing (GPA 3.00+ or equivalent).


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Below are some links to the 2023 Future100 coverage:


Key Dates:

December 3, 12:00 PM ET: Application Extended Deadline

Top students from architecture and interior design apply. 

December 2023: Future100 List Selected

Metropolis will vet the nominees based on creativity, rigor, skills, and professionalism.

January 2024: Future100 Students Connected to Recruiters

Metropolis will share the list of students, along with samples of their work, with recruiters at the architecture and design firms.

Spring 2024: Future 100 List Published

Schools, instructors, and nominators will receive recognition alongside their students.


How to enter:

To participate, students should open an account by clicking HERE and submit their materials through the digital submission form. You can review the submission form and find a list of required materials HERE. Please note that this link only serves as a guide for the materials you will need.

The application process will require you to provide personal information, school details, and nomination information. You can find the specific criteria by visiting the link provided above. Please note that there are no criteria requirements for portfolios. However, please ensure that the link you submit will remain active, as we need the link to judge and live on our website for on-demand viewing if honored.

If you are completing the application on behalf of your student(s), you will need to collaborate with them to gather the necessary information. This program is open to students graduating in 2024 (either in Winter or Spring) in the United States or Canada.



Please email: awards@metropolismag.com


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